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forklift saleFor any reason and purpose, MSV offers you a comprehensive guide through every stage of purchasing a fully functional, excellent condition used forklift. We have a vast inventory of almost perfect used forklifts.

Need help in choosing whether you need solid or pneumatic tires,

diesel, petrol or battery operated ones? Or are you unsure what type of mast you need for your business? Our team of experienced sales professionals have solid knowledge and expertise to help answer those questions and help you to make an informed decision. No matter what type of business you're in, we always have the right pre-owned forklift that’s best suited to your everyday needs.

Our forklifts are fully refurbished by trained forklift mechanics, who go over every unit from top to bottom, replacing any worn components, fluids and filters necessary. We then repaint the forklift and put new stickers on to bring the forklift to full safety compliance.

Why our used forklifts are the best choice :

  • CHEAPER AND SAME QUALITY AS NEW : If cost is your number 1 concern, than purchasing our used forklifts guarantee lower price with high performance. Our forklifts come in great shape because were able to purchase the large volume of machines at modest prices, refurbish them, and sell them at considerably lower prices than new machines.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE AND LOW SERVICE COST : All our used forklifts are less expensive to maintain compared to newer models. Even forklifts that have electric motors and onboard computers that assist operators can be sourced easily and needing little maintenance. Our used diesel forklifts have easier mechanical needs and are cheaper to repair and easier to maintain.
  • WIDE RANGE OF OPTIONS : Our forklifts come in a wide range of sizes, and with different power variants. We have electric powered forklifts that are mainly for indoor uses such as truck loading at distribution centers for big box stores, parcel delivery services and warehouses. The fuel powered forklifts on the other hand offer great purpose for indoor and outdoor applications. They range in size from 1 ton capacity upwards to 25 tons and even more.

We always have an impressive range of stock, ready for your inspection. MSV also trade in forklifts and will come out to your premises to give you an appraisal on your equipment.



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We have a wide array of used and refurbished forklifts in all sizes and capacities. We carry only the best quality units of forklifts for both sale and rental. Our extensive range of products include Pallet Movers, , LPG Forklifts, Diesel Forklifts and Reach Trucks. You can buy or rent our machines with full confidence.