Forklift Rentals

forklift rentalAt MSV we offer flexible rental selections and greater business choice to our customers. Whether you require short, mid or long term forklift rental/hire, we can always provide a rental or lease solution to meet your business needs.

 All our rental equipment is very well maintained, in top notch condition and supported by our field service team of highly qualified service technicians. MSV assures you 24/7 service delivering maximum uptime to petrol, diesel, and battery electric forklifts for our customers.

We offer a comprehensive range of Industrial Forklifts Trucks, ranging from 1.5 tonne capacity to 12 tonne.

  • FLEXIBLE TERMS : MSV Equipment & Parts offers effortless solution to increase or decrease the size of your fleet to match your work loads so you are in a better position to maximize our equipment affordably and at reasonable cost. The duration of our forklift rental is flexible to allow you to decide the best to fit your schedule.
  • LATEST PRODUCTS : Our forklift rental fleets consist of mostly recent models available in the market to ensure that you have access to only the best technology available without investing heavily on ownership.
  • WELL MAINTAINED : The forklifts rental fleets are generally in excellent condition and are fully maintained with regular service so that you don't have to worry about downtime due to repair and maintenance.
  • COST EFFECTIVE APPROACH : You don't have to worry about huge investment because our Forklift rental plans were designed to make it easy for you to operate your business seamlessly without hurting your operation costs.
  • EXCELLENT PRICING : We have a large fleet of forklifts and this enable us to provide you with great options that come with competitive rental rates.

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We have a wide array of used and refurbished forklifts in all sizes and capacities. We carry only the best quality units of forklifts for both sale and rental. Our extensive range of products include Pallet Movers, , LPG Forklifts, Diesel Forklifts and Reach Trucks. You can buy or rent our machines with full confidence.